Life Architecture

Life Architecture, as its name states, is about becoming the architect of your life... designing and building your life in line with your life’s purpose.

It is often the case in today’s world that help is needed in identifying current desires and ways of reaching those desires without a full traversing of one’s history. Quickly shifting times often result in confusion around what one truly wants as we are socialized to listen to external sources rather than our own internal voices. In moments of transition, it is often difficult to hear ourselves and having another to closely listen can feel orienting and stabilizing. Life Architecture is about finding ways to deeply listen and connect with your intuitive voice and honestly acknowledge what it is you would like for your life, separate from the demands and expectations of others. It is about identifying places in your current life where greater responsibility can be taken for creating your life. Life Architecture focuses on this work in the present of constructing your life in ways that feel more congruent with your desires. This is not psychotherapy but rather an overall appraisal of your purpose for yourself and your life, identifying possible obstacles that may be impeding your evolution.

*Life Architecture is available to all clients.