I provide analytic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and Life Artistry via video conferencing. Additionally, I provide supervision and collegial case consultations. 

At present, I see patients exclusively via teleconferencing. Telepsychology works much as in-person therapy does; however, it allows for the greater flexibility and mobility changing times require. Sessions can continue when traveling, sick, taking care of others, or for any other of the many unknowns that so often occur in our daily lives. My decision to increasingly focus on tele-services was inspired by my work with the many incredible working womxn who, in trying to do it all, found it helpful to sometimes connect with me via video rather than in person. Since those beginnings, my practice has grown to incorporate an increasing number of traveling professionals, people in areas that lack services, and others who simply can better commit to therapy when they have the flexibility to do it from the office, in their cars, or in any quiet place they can find. I have found that, by focusing on telepsychology, many people who could not previously benefit from therapy have been able to do so.  

All telepsychology services are rendered online via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software. Payment is due at time of service. I do not take insurance as my preference is to deliver care tailored to your specific needs rather than dictated by large insurance companies. I do provide out-of-network bills for those who wish to submit them to insurance companies for potential reimbursement.

I offer free, initial phone consultations so that we have the opportunity to talk one-on-one to see if we would like to work together. If we decide the answer is yes, we will then schedule a more thorough intake to determine which approach might be best suited for your particular needs.

Please contact me for rates.

New Client Intake

“Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.” 
                                                 - Helene Cixous

In-depth assessment of the psychological, physical, and creative aspects of your life. Exploration of current issues and a discussion of what services are best suited for you.

80-90 Minutes

Embodied Analysis*

“The body’s role is to ensure metamorphosis.” 
                                      - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Embodied Analysis is rooted in traditional psychoanalysis, and like Freudian analysis, emphasizes the role of the unconscious and the necessity of language--spoken to another-- for psychic transformation. Freud placed great emphasis on the body and how the body stores trauma and memories of which the mind is completely unaware; however, much of his work on the body has been lost in contemporary approaches to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Modern day approaches tend to emphasize the mind over the body (as though the two were separate), seeking to increase “insight” rather than engender true transformation. While insight can certainly be a side effect of therapy, it is not the transformative factor. Think of the many instances where you may say, “I know why I do X, but I still can’t stop doing it.” Approaches that stay at the level of intellectualization do little to resolve the roots of psychological distress, instead often increasing it as we feel anxiety/sadness/guilt/failure over the fact that we now “understand” our symptoms but remain stuck in them. This emphasis on “understanding” and “intellectualization”--at the expense of other ways of knowing--inhibits and limits us.

Embodied Analysis asserts the importance of both the body and language in therapeutic work, focusing on the power of language to shift the psychic economy and on the need to take seriously how our bodies constitute our worlds. We experience the world, not only through thoughts and emotions, but simultaneously through our bodies. Indeed, our bodies offer a rich source of information that we have, for far too long, ignored. Far from being distinct, our bodies are profoundly intelligent and our thoughts profoundly embodied.

From an analytic perspective, psychological symptoms are not “chemical imbalances” or problems to be overcome, but rather messages that speak to the hidden parts of ourselves. Our symptoms point to unconscious desires and conflicts rooted deep within our bodies. Embodied Analysis is an in-depth exploration of what it means to be human in our contemporary social and cultural landscapes.

An Embodied Analysis entails weekly talk therapy that focuses on the unconscious to precipitate deep-rooted, enduring transformation by addressing psyche, soma, and everything in between/outside of.

For those wishing to commit to and engage in deeper work, multiple sessions per week are recommended and offered in the classic Freudian tradition. Multiple sessions in a week allows for greater exploration of unconscious material and enhances greater self-growth and awareness. 

Sessions range from 40-50 minutes typically and occur at a minimum of once per week.

Life Artistry*

“And that I did not give to anyone the responsibility for my life. It is mine. I made it..."
                                                           - Mary Oliver

It is often the case in today’s world that help is needed in identifying realistic hopes for one's life without a full traversing of one’s history. Quickly shifting times and a never-ending assortment of "choices" often result in confusion around what brings satisfaction to one's life as we are socialized to listen to external sources rather than our internal ones. In moments of transition, it is often difficult to listen to, much less hear ourselves, and having another to closely listen can feel orienting and stabilizing. Life Artistry is about finding ways to deeply listen and connect with your intuitive voice--separate from the demands and expectations of others--so that you may explore what you would like for your life and how you would like to engage with the social world. This is not psychotherapy but rather an overall appraisal and critical examining of your purpose and of obstacles that may be impeding your evolution.

30 & 50 Minutes sessions


I am available for supervision and consultation. Please contact me to discuss arrangements and additional details. 



*Please note that Embodied Analysis is only available to patients in New York and California for US residents. International residents, please contact me for further information. Life Artistry is available to all.