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Artist + Analyst: Michael Jerome Moore

“For me, the supernatural realm is a spiritual realm and I tend to meld the two together. Therefore, what are commonly referred to as miracles tend to be normal, no less amazing, but not unbelievable. The words we share with one another are equally that of a spiritual and supernatural realm which resonate profoundly once we learn our respective sounds and phonetics. I believe the spirit is who and what we all truly are, as well as bio-organisms derived of stardust. We are energy that resonates. This is why a look or a gesture without words can effect us emotionally, a kind word from our fellow human is so powerful, and a negative word so toxic...”

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Artist + Analyst : The Project

My interest does not lie in analyzing the contributors or engaging in psychobiography, rather, I am interested in this place where art and language meet and how that gets taken up by artists as well as this space/place beyond language. The desire is not to decipher the mystery of art but rather to amplify it. To engage art as that which is radically singular and counter to the master's discourse. In this way, psychoanalysis itself is an art and a subversive act.

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Artist + Analyst : An Introduction

But Freud, long ago, pointed to a different way of tarrying with this void. Rather than trying to escape this gnawing sense of inescapable loneliness, one could instead look within and draw upon it to produce something profoundly original and innervating, something completely untouched by the dictates of the social world. One could create. Rather than avoiding the felt absence through flight into symptoms, one could instead amplify it through creation: in effect, making a presence of the absence. Rather than stuffing the hole full in an always-failing attempt to disappear it, one could instead inhabit it as one’s own.

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