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[Academic Excursions] : Men

Under the contemporary “rules,” men are limited to playing certain roles that constrict their emotional lives and thus inhibit their freedom to explore and embody all that is available. Many male stereotypes are hardly favorable or admirable, leaving one to wonder why anyone would be keen to identify with them. Indeed, it is often the case that many men actually do not identify with them and find themselves slightly adrift and askew in a world that tends to all-too-often be invested in nostalgia and freezing things in place. Such freezing allows nothing to move and no one to change.  Traditional, anthropomorphized ideas of “masculinity” and “femininity” create categories that do not allow for individuality and that disallow for those things that resist the neatness of such categorization. It is not only womxn who suffer the effects of the repression of the feminine...

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[Academic Excursions] : Womxn

Historically, a womxn’s identity has been derived from her relationship to others and to her functional role rather than her independent being. She was (is) someone’s wife or someone’s mother. She is a good housekeeper, a good cook, a good lover. She is a caretaker, a nurturer. Though we like to think the days have long past when womxn were measured by how clean a house they kept, we only have to look to the anxiety expressed by working womxn today over whether they are successfully navigating both worlds to see such measuring still firmly intact.

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[Academic Excursions] : Re / Envisioning The Feminine For All

When we think of the terms “masculine” and “feminine,” traits readily come to mind that we often believe to be “true”--true meaning here that one is born this way and that such traits derive from one’s biology and genetics. From before birth, we are inundated with the idea that people born with penises are masculine, and those born with a vagina are feminine. To name but just a few of the “truths” that go along with such a worldview: Men (in all their tremendous masculinity) are said to be more logical, less emotional, better at math and science, poor communicators, and more sexual (due to the need to “spread their biological seed"). Womxn (in all their lilting femininity) are more emotional, less logical and analytical (due to their exorbitant emotions), better communicators, more creative, and less overtly sexual than their male counterparts.

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